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Zithulele’s car towing and repairs was founded in 2010 primarily to focus on towing and car repair services, the company takes pride in having a young black south African male as its founder and director.it was through self- dedication and clear vision that Zithulele’s car towing and service has been able to acquire 2 sling type vehicles and a 8ton truck. At inception ZCR consisted of one towing vehicles in 2010. Our workshop is 100% secure and safe with 24hour monitoring systems.
BEE Status
Zithulele’s car towing and repairs CC is a Level one (1) Contributor and a BEE Procurement Recognition Level Of 100%
Modern technology makes the roadside repair of new model vehicles increasingly difficult as specialised equipment is required for repair. Certain mechanical breakdowns like engine overheating or vehicle drive train faults cannot be repaired at the roadside. ZCR does not run accidents as is the case where most panel beaters are involved but to rather do trade calls and only accidents where we are requested by the client to collect their vehicle from the accident scene.
The operations are based at our main office at makawusi215ju N4 road Matsulu from where our vehicles are dispatched during office hours. The operation is a 24hour service. Our offices are not manned on a 24 hour basis but our services are available on a 24hour basis. This is achieved by use of cellular technology. The afterhours cellular number is available 24/7. Should the first number not be answered the call will be transferred to the second and third numbers.
We have a policy of keeping the person who is to be towed informed of our movement toward moving of their vehicle from the scene. Our management team is well acquainted with experience and skills to ensure that the correct vehicle is despatched for the conditions as informed by the person on the scene from where the vehicle needs to be moved. Should it not be possible to safely conduct towing of vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances.
we will inform the client of our reasons and will do our utmost to arrange for sub-contractors or information necessary to complete the work
Should a client have complaints that cannot be resolved by the Operations team the complaint can be put in writing to our E-mail address from where our Top Management will reply.


  1. Motorcycles
  2. Accident damaged motor vehicles
  3. Motor vehicle trade calls. Example (Vehicle Repossessions, delivery and collection of vehicles for
  4. mechanical services, etc.)
  5. Accident damaged light to heavy duty vehicles (Small, medium and large trucks)
  6. Truck accident recovery
  7. Truck trade calls for mechanical breakdowns, (Drive train defects like clutch or prop-shaft etc.)
  8. Secure storage of vehicles at our premises Makawusi 215 JU N4 Road (this include space for mechanical)
  9. Hxorses and trailers








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